Blueprint Macro Library can't be accessed by Widgets

I’m using a Blueprint Macro Library for all sorts of shortcuts in the architecture of my game, but I’m finding my widgets can’t access it at all and that’s frustrating.
Is there some way I could have the Widgets be able to access the macros stored in my library as it is, or would I have to create a second set that they can access?

When you make the macro library, you need to specify UserWidget as the class for it to be visible.

If you want to make one library, visible from anywhere, it needs to have parent class Object.

You can’t change the parent class ( usefully ) after creation unfortunately…

Ah, I see!
Alright, well that helps and, thankfully, since my macro library’s still only very small this will be an easy fix!

Thank you <3

Be fore warned… Class type determines what nodes are available.