Blueprint Loop iteration limit

Hello everyone,
I’m currently facing problem with loop in blueprint scripting.
First, I set max loop iteration in project settings to 1 000 000 000.
I’m using loop to build 8 646464 cubes.
The result should be a total of 2 097 152 iteration but I have an inifinite loop detection error when I start the project.
The same script works when I change cube’s size to 323232, so the problem is not the script itself.
How can I overcome this problem?
Why do I reach the loop limit?

Thanks for your answer.

Test in standalone.

You can also check …
Project Settings → Engine → General Settings → Max Loop Iteration Count.

I’m hoping you’re aware of the impacts of large loops.

Somehow, it’s actually working in standalone mode, but how does it affect the number of iteration ?
I’m aware of the impact of large loops, but it’s a one shot to generate the map at the game’s begning.
I shouldn’t use it more than once as the map will be saved later in a file.

Not sure exactly what causes it to error in PIE etc. Bug is all I can assume.

Also the type of loop used has an effect on iteration count. I know For Each has more iterations than For. It’s confusing I know. Just Google it for more info.