Blueprint local variables don't save all default value changes

I’ve declared some vector local variables in a blueprint function and when I change default value of them only first value I change is saved when I click on something else. For instance, if I change x to 10, y to 54 and z to -8, when I click on something else then back to my local variable it will show default value as x=10, y=0, z=0. This doesn’t seem to happen to me when I use blueprint scoped variables, just local variables.

Hi kgamble,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.7.2 as well as our internal build, and I have created a bug report for it (UE-11758). I’ll let you know when I see any update on it. Thanks again!


Same bug at GidHub version 4.14

Thank you.

Hi XelaSpain,

This issue is almost 2 years old and was fixed back in 4.8. Could you create a new bug report for this? Feel free to reference this post.