Blueprint Loading Screen for iOS

Does anyone have a ‘working’ solution for adding a loading screen to the TappyChicken iOS project?

After packaging a shipping-ipa to my iPhone4 the UE logo splash screen lasts 10 seconds,
but when it disappears the screen is black for a further 20 seconds until the TappyChicken game is displayed.
It is the ideal place to put a loading graphic for user feedback otherwise it looks as if the app has died.

I have attepted the usual suggestions of making the TappyChicken map a sub-level of the main persistent map
and using a Level Stream to open it, but it doesn’t work. There is still a 20 second delay before the game starts.

I can see the Unreal Match 3 demo uses some kind of loading graphic but it isn’t clear how it was done and whether it used C++ to achieve it, which is what I’m trying to avoid. I refer to the TappyChicken project because it is a simpler project that is easier to test.

It is obvious that UE can load levels/maps on iOS via menu selection, so not sure why there would be an issue
loading a map at startup.

Any working ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Marc,
That solution requires some C++ which I’m trying to avoid.
There are ‘Blueprint only’ solutions out there, I just can’t find one yet.

Check out this solution in the Unreal Engine Wiki:


:slight_smile: How do you know there are solutions if you found none, yet?

If you really read the wiki article, then you will find a link to a plugin where someone tool the C++ code and wrapped it up, so it can be used from within Blueprints.


>:-) How do you know there are solutions if you found none, yet?

Because someone told me they have done it without the need for any C++ or plugins. I just don’t have the specific info on how (yet).