Blueprint: Laser beams and energy bolts pack

Hey there everyone I submitted this a while back after getting some requests for a variety of projectile types but totally forgot to post about it here.
I am constantly updating this as I get time to spare, I am also looking into various other types of projectiles and taking on suggestions for additions or new packs entirely.
Here is the current build of the project:

Types of projectiles:
Torus style Ray gun
Starship “photon” bolt
Explosive Crystal with impact shatter
“Orb” style energy shot replicating orb lightning
various styles of plasma bolts ranging from long thin bolts to more anime style
various Energy beams which scale based on distance
Electrical arc which scales from spawn location to impact point giving you an unlimited power kind of feel.

All of the materials for the various projectile types can be customized for new situations as needed and are easy to change colour to user preference.
Included is a spawning system which is used to present the different effects.
Since each projectile are already blueprint objects, they can easily be added to existing users weapon systems as a child of the weapon blueprint.
The latest build was sent to Epic a few weeks back with that said, I’m still looking for feedback for additions or improvements.