[Blueprint] Key Mapping

I would love to see native BP support for Key remapping, so that we are not dependent on C++ plugings.

There are tutorials about this that does not require C++. Some new features that came with 4.13 actually allows us to do it.

That doesn’t actually change the Input.ini like with “Get Game Settings”. Can’t be considered native BP support.

I wanted to let you know that this is coming, most likely in 4.17, as my PRs related to this have been accepted. See for most of the changes. Cheers.

To be honest, you can do a custom bp function library in c++ to do thoses functions, it’s not complicated at all and does not require a lot of knowledge in c++

Thats great news! Thanks!

Yes, but the point of Blueprint is that you don’t have to write any line of C++ code. :slight_smile: