Blueprint just works once

Hey Guys,

I’ve created a System to pick up and throw a ball.

The problem is when I pick the ball up and throw it, I can’t pick it up again, but the blueprint works fine (I watched the blueprints with breakpoints to see if the events will fire)

You are not setting CanThrowBall back to true after throwing the ball. Looks like it’s true by default, so you can pick up the ball once, but then you set it to false after the ball is picked up.

No that’s not the Problem because I manage the variable with a hitbox

That’s not a mistake.

Ok thanks, I will test if it works…

Is this one or two blueprints?
You can do it all in one.

If you can pick it up and throw it once, your issue happens,of course, after you throw it. Start looking there to see where the error is.

You are casting, but I don’t see a reason to for this. Just put a collider on your character, and whenever you overlapping with a ball, have a variable such as “touching ball” be true. If it is, and you can pick up ball, and the input to pick up is hit, do throw ball.

Ok now I got something like this.

But now the “Attach Actor to Component” won’t work and I don’t know why.

You need to fix the connection with the overlap to the branch, try that and see what happens(?)

No no, that works.
The Problem is in the second picture, the “Attach Actor to Component”- node doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone know why that won’t work?