Blueprint Item Array question

How does one go about showing items in an array? I have n items in my array, I want to display the “name” and “count” of the items in a UMG Widget. Thanks much community.

You’d have some sort of container inside of the Widget where you could add new widgets within.

For example. Imagine I had this setup.


  • Canvas Panel
    – Vertical Box (variable)


  • Canvas Panel
    – Horizontal Box
    — “Name” (variable)
    — “Count” (variable)

When Widget_ServerList loads, I would get the Array, loop through the items, create a new Widget_ServerItem for each, and add it to the Vertical Box.

Keeping things simple, try setting this up without an array. Just create a Widget_ServerItem and add it to the Widget_ServerList. Once that works, then add the array logic.

Does that make sense?

Create a structure to store your items in.

Create a widget to display the relevant details of the structure.

Create a widget to display the items in the array

Then, set up the creation of sub-widgets.

Thanks @xmcgraw

@ This is what I was looking for. Let me give this a try. Thank you