Blueprint is empty when opened

I was following this tutorial, A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

In the tutorial, when ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint is open, this happened,

When I open the file, this happened,

Tried restarting UE4, still same.

Whats wrong?


I’m not at my computer right now, but you go to one of the menus at the top ‘Window’ ‘Asset’ or ‘View’ and there is a way to show content or something along those lines

ok, just checked: select Window at the top, and then you can select what you wish to see in the window ie. Toolbar, MyBlueprint, Viewport etc.

You have to select each one to ‘Tick’ it, if your struggling, select Window → Reset Layout… This will set it to defaults

I don’t see what the problem is. When you open a BP the constrictor script is always empty.

Hi, try reseting your Layout like in the image, lost likely it will prompt you to save and restart Editor.

Hope it helps.



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If its always empty, then why in the tutorial its not?

Try that. Doesnt work. Thanks by the way.

Ok, try going to Edit>Editor Preferences>Blueprint Editor and Reset to Defaults.

If that don’t work just curious if you open a brand new project and create a Blueprint from scratch you get same view? Wonder if it is OS related like some theme conflicting and not rendering windows correctly. (not sure if your good looking capture is local or from a online tutorial)

Hope that helps.


Also how do you see the Window options checked or not? Mine looks something like this.



my screenshot are from my pc. the tutorial shots are from the tutorial video. lol.

Im not sure why but I did reset the layout and have to restart unreal editor for it to works.


A bit late to this but just had the same issue (I’m new to UE4) after making BPs from C++ classes.

  • Open up the blueprint
  • If it’s ‘blank’, under the “Window” tab, select “Class Defaults”
  • In this tab there will be an option to “Open Full Blueprint Editor”

You can dock the “Class Defaults” tab and once you’ve opened up a BP that was having trouble, you can close and re-open the project and the new ‘view’ on the BP will be saved from the last session, or at least the “Class Defaults” will be there (by the looks of things).

Maybe there’s an option somewhere to open up the full blueprint editor every time, regardless of the data in the BP?

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What you are looking for is in the “Event Graph” not the construction script. Event graphs are where all of the programming goes. Construction scripts are only executed when the asset is created in game, mainly used for procedural uses. Click on Event Graph and you will be fine. :slight_smile: