Blueprint Interfaces not working on the level blue print

So, i have the BPI called BPI_noiseMade:

In my playable character BP i send with event tick a message to interface with the character velocity:

Then in the level BP i want to use that velocity to control the camera field of view, and im calling the event like this:

But as you can see here in the green print, this level bp aint reciving the desired value (the blue print is the actual velocity).

i have done this process/method before and it worked fine, but it just dont work in the level blueprint .
Any ideia how to fix this?

the objective is to use the velocity to control de field of view of the camera


You’re sending the message to the Character Movement Component (which probably does not even implement said interface), not to the LB. You cannot send stuff like this to the LB. I think it’d work with streaming level, can’t recall - it should.

If you must script in the LB, obtain the reference to the Player who is generating the noise there. If the player is spawned dynamically, fetch it with Get Pawn / Character.

This is a better use case scenario for a basic dispatcher:

  • in the player:

  • in the level BP:

Or read values off the framework:

The above should work OK providing there’s a movement component handling velocity - either Character Movement or Floating Pawn comp respectively.

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Thank you it worked :slight_smile: . Just one more question, how can i know or define the index of a player character/pawn?