Blueprint Interface

Hello guys, UE5 or UE4 :
I would love to be helped, i try to use the interfaces, for in between blueprint connection (Call / Sent / Receive), the basic of interfaces [BPI] is actually very dark to me, always fails with this things, my problem is to teleport my character into the LOCATION of the BP_TeleportArrival, but how to sent the actual SCENE LOCATION of the BP_TeleportArrival to the BP_TeleportStart ?? i try to not use the CastTo, to avoid some future conflicts. if you know how it work thank by advance.

A precise answer should be excellent, actually 3hours of autonomous test, with “WorldLowation” “RelativeLocation” and or “Transform”.
The debug sent me the correct location of the capsule, but i cant received it into my teleport module.
I have basics, and have watched tutorials, but always the same, the most easiest way, i have actually a BPI_Player with a boolean, and it work perfectly.
Thank you for your time.

Solution founded :