Blueprint interface, what am i doing wrong?

So i am trying to make a blueprint interface from an actor blueprint to my hud.

In the actor blueprint:


In the hud blueprint:

The interface itself:

Problem is that it never passes the default value that i set in the variable in the actor blueprint on to the HUD blueprint. Im not entirely sure what i am doing wrong, the event actor begin overlap gets triggered and works…but nothing happens in my hud.

Im pretty sure im misunderstanding how this thing works, if someone can clarify really quickly that would be great…i got interfaces working in another project…but for some reason i cant get it to work with an actor blueprint like this.

get the otherActor from the overlap event, and call the interface function on it.

Hey thanks i figured it out now.
In this case the other actor is not the player itself, so that wouldnt work in this particular case (player is just a fixed camera).
However…finally made sense of it thanks to you, guess i had to put the messenger node in the actor blueprint and target the hud of my playercontroller (where i implemented the interface).