Blueprint Interface not triggering event

Hey all, I’ve been trying to learn all about Blueprint interfaces as they sound quite useful, so I made a little test project to mess around in.

All it basically is is a floating sphere which shoots out cones when the mouse is pressed, and when those cones hit a target actor i’m sending a message through the interface to my GameState to tell it the score variable should be raised, and print it out.

I’ve tried looking at 5 different video tutorials, looked at the documentation, and looked through previous questions on here but I haven’t found anything different from what i’m doing…
I am a relative noobmeister, so I can only imagine i’m either doing something basically wrong, or i just don’t understand the BPI concept well enough… could anyone help me find what i’m doing wrong?

Here is my bullet, where I check if it collided with an actor implementing the BPI, and sending the message

And this is the game state, which receives the message and prints out the score.

Both the GameState and the target implement the BPI, and both have nothing else inside their respective graphs.
Also the BPI event is just a default event with no inputs or outputs.
Please tell me if I left any necessary information out, and don’t be afraid to call me out if i’m doing stupid things in here(: