Blueprint interface function with the same name as a node gets fused

I wanted to use an interface for jumps and wondered why I was getting an infinite loop there.

  1. Starting with the third person template create a Blueprint Interface
  2. Call the single function “Jump”
  3. Implement it in the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint

Every time I press jump it closes the game because of an infinite loop

If I rename the interface function at this point the original Jump node in the graph gets renamed too.

And after this I noticed that while the interface node has an “ERROR!” and you hit undo 2 times or press compile first and hit undo 1 time the editor will crash. - [Log file][3]

Hey Vaji,

At a quick glance I think you are running into an infinite loop here because you have no way to stop jumping based on what I see here. The stop jumping node is not connected so that could be causing some problems.

Could you provide me with your project that is having this issue so I can troubleshoot with that. When creating a fresh project I am getting the error but I am not getting a crash.

Thank you.

If I use another name for the Interface function no loop occurs and the character jumps properly so I think it’s just an issue with duplicate names.
I’ve only used the third person template with nothing else in it.

That makes sense, in most cases naming an interface the exact same as something else is bound to cause problems sooner or later.

I am still not getting the crash however. If you could provide a more detailed list of steps that you have done so that there is no room for me misinterpret anything. I would appreciate it, Thanks.

Then I would expect the editor not to compile this blueprint like it does if a blueprint function or custom event has the same name so there is no chance for undefined behaviour.
This only happens with inherited functions without any input and output.
Anyway, I’ve attached a recording of the bug and the crash. crash

Hi Vaji,

Thank you for providing the video that made it very easy to reproduce.
I have created a ticket for this crash that you can follow here UE-52847