Blueprint Interactions not working

Hi there, first time posting!

Im having alot of trouble getting blueprints to communicate with each other. Specifically im trying to get a UI animation to play when my ammo counter on my first person character goes to zero. As of right now I have the UI casting to the player character which is played through a Tick o see if the animation should play. I want the scripts to communicate with each other rather than through an update.

I want to have the function look like this with just a custom event in the UI and call it in the FirstPersonCharacter. roblem iss i dont know where to link it to, or how. ive tried a few different ways but i cant ever unerstand how to get the UI to communicate properly. Is there an easy fixx for what i have now or is there a more optimal way to have blueprints communicate? any help is appritiated, thank you!


Watch this:

and just call the BP to show the text when you run out of ammo.

Definitely don’t do it on tick :slight_smile:

my hero! thank you!