Blueprint interaction and communication doesn't work


i’m trying to communicate between two BP’s but my workingBP isn’t being able to start the event from my targetBP.
But i can’t see whats wrong…
The customEvent in the targetBP is set correctly in my opinion and the BP is also placed in the Editor.



EDIT: i added a PrintString (String= Error) to the Cast Failed and the String appears. So the problem must be something with the Casting, but i can’t figure it out.


Ace D.

I dont see pulsing execution wires from Cast to Fire Gun so i think the casting failed. Do one thing…Create a Print String node and connect that to Cast Failed and see if it appears. If it does then Cast To MiddleGun is failing.

Hi ryan,

yeah i already had the idea with the Print String node too. MiddleGun is failing, but i don’t know why.

Try enabling Trace Complex and also try changing Trace Channel to Camera.

Ok, i found out what was going wrong. I’m sorry, i made a mistake.
The Single Line Trace wasn’t being able to hit the targetBP, so of course it couldn’t cast it to start the event! :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks a lot for your help!