Blueprint instances behaving differently

I have a Cube blueprint and I wanted to make it destructible on contact with the player and record the number of cubes destroyed. I followed a tutorial that uses Event Dispatcher in a Level blueprint to achieve this. The problem is the only time this works is with the first cube I place into the level. It seems that the Level Blueprint catches just this cube’s method. How can I make all the cubes behave the same?

Is this because whenever I drag a new Cube bluprint into the scene it gets a different name, but shouldn’t all blueprint instances behave the same, or if not how can I make the level blueprint register other cubes as well?

This is my Cube blueprint.

Level Blueprint

I have a similar problem. In my case, a single blueprint instance in the scene works as intended. The rest won’t make my character animate on interaction. I think I have used at some point an event dispatcher…but deleted it. I have also used get all actors of class, in order to get a variable from other blueprint.
here is my question: