Blueprint Instance Templates in the Content Browser

(somewhat like what we have with child actor components)

There are scenarios where just a variable change is not significant enough to justify creating a child class.
Or scenarios where making a child class instead of an instance will mess up the workflow.

Yes, I can make changes to these public variables after placing the actors inside the game world, but that can be very inefficient.

If I’m missing something and a feature like that have already been implemented - please correct me.


You can also spawn them via code and expose your variables on spawn

Imagine if I already placed a lot of instances of actor in the world, and for the reason of artistic composition or just because - I can’t easily select, for example, half of these, and change the public variable (I could, using the world outliner, but no, I have to pick them in my scenario).

But If I had an instance template - I would place half of actors using one template, and half of actors using another template and the problem wouldn’t even appear.