Blueprint Ini Question

Can the blueprint system be used to change ini setting on a timed setup. As in everyday, have lets say, heath of a specific dino change depending on the time of day? And if so, can it be used to make several changes to the ini at one time, and then back to original setting again at a later specified time?

And when I ask i ask about all ini settings, Game.ini and GameuserSettings.ini both? And can it be done without having to create a total conversion?

Edit: Let me be a little clearer. I know that I can write a external program that will do what I am proposing, changing ini setting then restarting server to let those changes take effect. What I am asking is, is there a way to make those changes to a live server through blueprints as so they take effect immediately? Without having to restart said server? My mod idea can go in 3 different directions to fulfill the same actions, but I feel as if it was to happen live, that that would be a better overall solution to the implementation of the said mod.

In short, can I change settings like Exp rate, Taming rate, Health amount, and dino spawns with blueprints to make said changes?

OK, I have found my answer. Yes, Exp, health, Stamina, and most player/dino stats can be changed. But can this effect go to being server wide? And can the buffs also include Taming speed, maturation speed, day and night cycle, as well as all the other ini logic? I found the Buff_ExporerNoteXP and it has so many variables and so much logic, that it will take a while to figure out how to do this properly. I for one am thinking creating a new blueprint to do the changes I want to do.

|Any of you have any ideas or direction you would like to share do get me going in the right direction? Any shared knowledge would be appreciated.

The settings in the .ini files are just that. They get “set” once, on server start/restart.

Yes, but at a great cost.
You create a buff which changes those character status values, and poll every primal character at various intervals of the day/night cycle to apply the buff.
You would either need a map extension or a singleton actor to cast to the day/night cycle.
This method comes at a performance cost because the server may be polling up to 100,000 actors at various times.

Thank you for the answer.

Hmm, didn’t think of the overall performance cost of having to change all that information at one time. But, it would only happen once every 2 weeks in real time so that might be an ok thing to happen. . Now I have another question. Lets say that I was able to cause this change to every single actor ont he map. This includes players, tamed dinos, wild dinos, weapons, tools, armor, and resources. The change would generate a massive lag but once complete, the lag would go back to normal levels correct? And if there was a server restart, the settings that were changes would hold. and not cause another severe lag session.

Sorry, got my mind going again asking crazy questions. .