Blueprint Inheritance in UE5

When I created Child Blueprints from an Actor Class “Parent” Blueprint, my child does NOT seem to carry over any of the coded functionality that my parent has? Did this change in UE5?

Below is my simple script for a “Parent” pickup. But my Child doesn’t have any nodes existing in the Event Graph related to this script getting fired off:

What has changed?

I don’t think what you’re expecting to have happen has ever happened.

The child blueprint won’t have any nodes for that event unless you explicitly override it.

Is it possible for this “Parent” script to get called (exist) in the children of it as well? I don’t seem to have the ability to override or “Add Call to Parent Function” my Sphere Collider’s “Begin Overlap” event?

If the Child doesn’t provide an override of an event/function, the Parent one will be used. I’m not sure why you’re not getting an option to call the parent. You should be able to place the Event in the Child (the same as you would have added it on the Parent graph) and then right-click on it and the menu should have an “Add call to parent function” option that creates a new node.

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So the best I can tell here is that I CAN “Add Call to Parent Function” inside the CHILD BP for events related to the BLUEPRINT ITSELF (Begin Play, Tick, Any Damage, etc.)

It seems I CANNOT “Add Call to Parent Function” inside a Child BP for events related to COMPONENTS inside of the Parent BP (such as for Sphere Collider Begin / End Overlaps)

Not sure I was ever aware of that before? I think I just assumed that if I scripted something like this in the parent…

…that the child would ALSO automatically run that script?

Okay, I see what is going on but I think you’re conflating two issues.

Regardless of anything else this absolutely should be happening. You won’t be able to override that behavior in the Child with the current implementation, but that’s different than it not happening. Maybe the Parent one gets replaced by the Child one for some reason if you try to do it in both??

Yeah, for whatever reason an event created as a delegate handler can’t be overridden (or collapsed to a function, go figure).
The way you could work around this is to use the BeginOverlap event to call your own custom event of the blueprint itself. Then you’d be able to override that function and include the “call parent” node.

■■■■, that’s pretty annoying.

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Much appreciate your responses here MagForceSeven!