Blueprint in structure inventory question.

I have seen mods with crafting stations that have blueprints in them when the station is placed. The player does not have to learn the items. They just build the structure and the engrams/blueprints are in there. Does anyone know how to do this because I cant figure it out? Also I would like for the player to not be able to pull the blueprint out if that is possible. Thanks in advance for the help.

Pretty sure it’s just the using of the Default Inventory Items and Default Engrams arrays in the Defaults, and Force Non-removable in the inventory of the structure - I think.

There’s a numbering system for Default Engrams(0, 1 & 2) which determine if the matching index in Default Inventory Items will be a blueprint, item or engram or something along those lines. Someone will surely come along here with the specifics, otherwise ask on the Discord server.


I got that part but I cant figure out how to make them come with the item. I can get them in there but only if I make them player learned engrams.

You need to set the primalitems to use your new crafter as the “Requires Inventory Component”

and you also need the items in the crafter’s inventory component.

Yes. I get that part got that’s done. What I cant figure out is how to have it so you just place the item and the blueprint is in there without having to learn the engram for it. I want the structure to have the bp in it like aku shima’s building mod. You know you place the table and all the walls and stuff are just in there.

Lol, you want it to work like my Aku Shima mods? I no tell you my secrets muhahahah.

Which part are you after in particular? As there are not many that have blueprints, the Kibble Recipe Stand?

Not sure what you’ve done wrong but that setup above does exactly what you described. I unlock 1 single engram for the OL_Fabricator, I place the OL_Fabricator down, look inside and the 5 blueprints are there ready to be crafted.
What number do you have for each of the “Default Engrams” in the crafters inventory component?
I updated the picture in the first post

Hi, i’ve been grinding my head about what seems to be the exact problem. I’m trying to create a substitue for the derelict “Research & Development” mod.

What I wanna do:
While avoiding to force players to learn countless new engrams, I want to utilize part of the mods research mechanic. Players should place a table which presents an assortment of blueprints to them and those should remain inside the table. Some of them should be simple resources while others should yield a blueprint which in turn should be used in the fabricator. From what I read in this thread, the core mechanic should be similiar to the mentioned tables in Aku Shima.

What I did:
Got my core files together and created my engrams, blueprints, icons etc for my resources and the table. I even manged to work my way through the reference viewer and fiddle with materials a bit. Everything is fine up to this point. My resources can be cheated in and my table places like a charm with its custom inventory component and colour. Then I used this tutorial to add my items the old fashioned way. After finding this thread, I tried P0K3r’s approach.

What I got:
While following the first tutorial I did indeed manage to add my recipes the old fashioned way, but this was what I was trying to aviod at all cost. When I follow P0K3r’s appraoch, I end up with the actual item in the table, but no blueprints. This is with the Default Engrams array filled with 0s. From what I remember the giveitem cheats last digit was distinguishing between item and blueprint aswell. But yeah, if I fill the array with 1s the inventory stays empty.

Although I wouldnt object to @Akukiyo telling his secrets, Id really appreciate a hint to discover them myself. A google search was not very helpful and the forum search brought me exactly here. Some keywords to look for should be enough.

EDIT: typos…

You don’t need the requires inventory. What I do is 4 steps. 1) add all items to default inventory items. 2) add an array element for each item to “default engrams” set at 0. 3) in same structure BP set both force inventory blueprint and force inventory not removable. 4) in PGD set additional structure engrams/blueprints. You will need " for class " to be the structure blueprint and the class additions should be every primal item BP you want craftable. I’ve been told that step 4 Is not needed but it works for me so I do it anyway.

Thank you! It works like a charm.

Force Inventory Blueprints and Force Inventory Non Removable did the trick.
Again, what I did:

  • create Blueprints, Icons etc. and setup references
  • add my crafting table to default engrams
  • create custom inventory component
  • add my Items to Default Inventory Items
  • set corresponding indexes in Default Engrams to 0
  • check both “Force Inventory Blueprints” and “Force Inventory Non Removable”

Note: The only engram I have is my table!

Thanks again for that lightning fast respone!

Glad that did the trick. This is something I will share every time because i wish all modders used this method instead of 10’s of engrams

Not sure what The Default Engram array is meant to mean, but what I’ve observed.
0 = Show item/engram/blueprint.
1 = Force player to learn Engram.

To force a Blueprint to not be able to be removed, your items they craft will not be able to be removed either, as the blueprint is actually a fake version of the same item. Have you attempted to remove the items after crafting? Just double check what you want to be removable is and what you don’t is not.

I don’t think I’ve done much with Is Engram ] to test if they are removable, but you should “not” be able to pick up an engram, if the devs agree I don’t know =p

Forcing a blueprint in this manner is somewhat different to creating a blueprint with giveitemnum 125 1 0 [true|1]. I have observed that they don’t count as true blueprints, and in the event you want to force only blueprints and nothing else, remote add item only will not work like the book case.

I’m after how you did your kibble recipe stand except I dont want the blueprints to be removable. Could you please explain how you made your stand. I’m not making a kibble thing btw something totally different. But I need the bps to be in the box when it is placed. Love your mods btw. Actually did a spotlight on all of them. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the help.


The blueprints are removable by default, if you want them to be unable to be removed, you need to set Allow removal from Inventory to false, this will prevent the crafted items from being able to be removed.
You can get around this issue by making the crafted item, GIVE ITEM ON USE. And Allow Remote Use In Inventory so that the player can “OPEN” the package.

You only need to add anything to Default Engrams IF you want to force a player to learn the engram. I don’t know if there even is the ability to use 2 as stated above, as I was under the impression it was a boolean, TRUE|FALSE / 0|1
If 2 is an actual option, and it sets an engram, change the blueprint to an Engram, allow removal, and it should prevent removal as Engrams are NOT Blueprints.

However if you use 0|False for Default Engram, and Use Is Engram, you can remove it… Not sure why have to ask Studio WildCard Devs.

You are the freaking man! Thank you and everyone else that contributed to this post so much for the help! I now have the info I need to make my mod. One again. Thank you!

@Firespark81 There seems to be a new way to do it, Force Blueprint and Force Not allow removal in the PrimalInventory will allow you to force default items to be blueprints and not allow them to be removed. Just make sure default engram 0 for what you want players TO SEE.