Blueprint How to reset a particle emmiter

In the Blueprint Graph where particle emitters are components, how do I turn on, off, and reset particle components?

I am currently using Set Hidden, but it’s just a short time fix as I want the particle to start emitting fresh from an event in the graph.


I found that Set Activate in the Event graph worked well, with the particle component as the target.

When I set it to false, I set bReset value to true.

Then when I set it true it has been reset.

In ParticleSystemComponent.h

there is a function

virtual void Activate(bool bReset=false) OVERRIDE;

It is not blueprint callable however

You could write a static BP library function that takes in a PSC, and calles Activate(true) on it

to reset it.

If you’d like me to do that for you let me know :slight_smile:

Is there an easier way?

Maybe, I looked at every Blueprint callable function in PSC.h and I looked in gameplaystatics where you spawn emitters and did not see anything



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