Blueprint - How to Get Visibility of Actor?

I’m looping through Actors of Class in a Blueprint, and want to test for the Visibility of them, to then only do something with it if it’s visible.

How do I Get the visibility of an Actor in the Bluepirnt Event Graph?

Hey mikepurvis,

You can use the Get Hidden function to get the boolean value of Actor Hidden In Game and Set Actor Hidden in Game to change this boolean value, as needed.


there are several ways, one one them - to use “is visible” node connected to “Branch” node. “is visible” check visible of object, “Branch” give “true false” statement.

You can use Is Visible, but that can only be called on SceneComponents (so the individual components of a placed Actor). The variable and function I listed in my Answer will work for the Actor as a whole.

maybe i misunderstood the question :slight_smile: