Blueprint help

Hello i’m new here, and i realy want to improve my skill in Unreal engine 4. Actualy i work on “Introduction to Blueprint in Unreal Engine” from digital tutors.
But in the 3rd tutorial i have an issue, i have to (in blueprint) put the light on when the game starts (sorry for my bad english).
So you can see here that i have my PointLight selected with 2 nodes : Pointlight1 & Event begin play.

But if i do a right click on the graph you see that i’m unable to find “toggle visibility” under rendering even if the “Palette” find it.

So i had added the node “Toggle Visibility” but now when i link the spotlight and the node “Toggle Visibility” something is disturbing in the middle each time i link them together…

I hope that you can help me !

Best regards, lufen34

Hey there, this is totally correct.

The so called “PointLight1” in your Graph is just a Name. You could create this yourself by creating a Blueprint of the Actor Class
and adding a “PointLightComponent”. That’s what you got there, an actor (which is called “PointLight” + Number) with a LightComponent.
So the real light is the LightComponent and you set or toggle visibility on it.

If you pull the wire from the PointLight1 and let loose of your button on an empty space, you can search for “visibility” with context to
the PointLight1 actor. This will show you the things you can do with it regarding visibility. If you see something with a “(LightComponent)”
or something else in brackets, this only tells you that the function you are going to get is linked to one of the Components that is
mentioned in the brackets.

In the picture below you can see that i would get the “LightCompnent” between PointLight1 and Toggle Visibility if i click on the matching

Waouw ! Thank you for this fast answear ! :smiley: