Blueprint help

Hi guys, I was trying to follow the Blueprint tutorial on the wiki for making a door open and close and I got everything working except when the door opens it kinda twitches and then rises up and then when it closes it doesn’t go all the way back down it stops about half way there :S any advice :)?

Try to take this on over to the answer hub. Some great developers lurking over there that could assist you with this question. :slight_smile:

Oh thanks :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure where to post this i’m new to the forums :slight_smile:

…umm where is the answer hub I don’t see it in the forums am I missing something?

Have you added a action that stores the location of the door when the level starts?

Also take a look at this tutorial: :wink: When you go to the official site of the unreal engine you can find it under the community tab.

Thanks :slight_smile: and I think I’d tried that, I’ll have to check… I’m following the wiki, it goes step by step and has pictures but of course it’s not working for me -_-

this is the one i’m following

Check your timeline graph. Sometimes I’ve found that I accidentally can add or move points on the timeline before I close it. Make sure your only two points are at (0,0) and (1,1) on the graph for the float track.

Yeah that’s what it was, the first point had been moved to 0,.53 -_-

Glad I could help!