Blueprint Help Terminal?

Let me first start off by saying this thread is a last resort for hope of find some guidance and proper info/resources on how to make blahblahblah…

I want to create a game revolving around the user inputting info,etc via a console/terminal style computer screen.
But i haven’t found any good tutorials or info on how to start doing this so i thought i might as well give the high class UE4 forums a short.

For e.g.

User enters a command correctly i.e. ‘ls’ then text or image, etc appears below the command that was just entered. This is the sort of thing i am trying to do in blueprints if possible but, i really haven’t got a bloody clue how to.
That’s why i have made this really ‘begging’ style thread to see i can be given some guidance on how to start.

Here is some references images:

That’s the style i am going for :L
Sorry if spelling is bad.
Hope one of you could help me!

Best thanks .