Blueprint help for Contra style paper 2d 8-directional sidescrolling shooter?

I’ve scoured the boards looking for anything on how to set up blueprints for a paper 2d sidescroller that takes into account a strict Contra style 8-directional shooter. I can’t seem to find anything regarding the setup for cycling animations based on the 8-directional shooting style, or getting the projectiles the fire in the 8-directional along with the respective animations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This question is most likely too general to actually be answered.

You are basically asking for help with everything. Could you try to just start working on the basics and ask a more specific question once you run into trouble?

In case you’re absolutely new I suggest getting comfortable with BluePrints and watching through the official tutorials first.

To clarify, I know how to set up animation state machines and get the player moving and shooting left and right, but the diagonal aiming and shooting has me stumped.