Blueprint Grappling Hook not working

i followed the wiki tut but i see that it is not working ,why is that ?
is anybody also facing the same problem ?

Can you give us more information - screenshots of your blueprints for instance, and maybe what the behavior is exactly? Does it just not fire at all, or is it firing but not grappling or… (you get the idea)? Video or screenshots of the result if any are a good idea too.

here’s the blueprint,i have changed one Enemy to Object

Hi sunnyxyed,

It looks like you were following my tutorial here, correct?

If so, i’ll be happy to help out where I can. I noticed one thing for certain, you don’t want to run the line trace for the grappling hook off of your event begin play. That will allow it to run once and then it will be useless from that point on. You want to run it off of an input key such as LMB or 1. The Input binding you have should have the close functionality on release and the trace functionality on press. Fix those up and see if it works, if not let me know what it is specifically doing and I’ll see if I can figure out what is happening.

its again showing me error

usually that means you have a bad cast somewhere. Unfortunately the pastebin you gave me isn’t giving me too much information about your cast nodes (I can only get a general idea of what you are doing as opposed to seeing everything). Can you show me a screenshot of your blueprint in editor?

It looks like it’s taking the hit object from the line trace and casting that as Pawn, and accesses it past the cast without checking if it’s None.

That should be what the branch just before does (checking return value for true, assuming this would eliminate Null values). It couldn’t hurt to add a check after the cast to see if the pawn == none. This would help to prevent these access none errors. I’ll test it on my end when I get a chance! Thanks n00854180t!

can you please share a screenshot of the whole Blueprint in one image,may be i can create it on my end xD
that will solve all the issue,the wiki is really messy …ahem ahem (sorry)
in the end you should show the whole blueprint

I figured out the error, Take the location from “break hit result” and plug it directly into the place of the “get actor location” node for pulling the pawn. Once I did that the errors went away without having to add any additional nodes. I’m attaching a screenshot of what my hook looks like (minus the timers, I couldn’t fit them on screen in a way that could be read).


Hey, just been following through this blueprint, the connection between Line Trace for Objects Out Hit and Launch Character Target doesn’t work anymore as Pawn references aren’t compatible with Character references. What’s necessary to fix this?