Blueprint graphs not showing data/event flow while simulating

I am trying to debug a blueprint graph, but the blueprint does not show data/event activity when I simulate or play my game. The graph is build under my MyController object, which is a child of PlayerController. It was automatically created with the Overhead game type with starter content. I have an overhead view of my player, and I can move him around the level by left clicking the mouse, and I added a graph for shooting projectiles by clicking the right mouse button. Both of those graphs work, because I can move the player, and shoot projectiles, but if I watch the graph while I’m playing I don’t see the “wires” showing any activity. I’m trying to add an arrow at the players feet pointing in the direction of the mouse cursor, and the arrow is pointing in the wrong direction. Without seeing the flow and data of the graph, I’m not sure how to debug it.

I did create a graph in the level blueprint that disabled broadcasting on each event tick (totally useless to me), but it did highlight the wire for the event to the function to disable broadcasting.

Am I not seeing activity on my graphs because they’re happening too quickly? Am I able to add breakpoints to see the activity as it happens? Is this some sort of scope issue, where the activity of those classes is not seen by the editor at runtime?

I am having the same problem with MyCharacter BP can’t see and data flow so I am having to use breakpoints which is a pain.

In the blueprint toolbar there is a dropdown and under it is written Debug Filter, this is used to select a specific instance of a blueprint so you can see the flow. As an example you might have 3 characters all using the same blueprint but you can show the flow for one in particular. Hope this helps.

Yes, but what if I can’t see data flow in level blueprint? Where should I enable this?

can you post a screenshot of your level bp part? is it really an event firering all the time?

Same problem here, even when selecting from the correct instance from the Debug Filter.