Blueprint / Graphic Art / Basic Modeling - Freelance

So a little about me I in the past worked with languages such as Lua and and C++, and eventually I came to find Unreal Engine. Programming is my major skill and Blueprint is a very easy to use language. Though I like to use several things I work on some graphic work here and there through several years in GIMP and Photoshop. About 2 or 3 months ago I started learning to model in 3ds Max and I’m able to what props and objects at the moment.

Do I want to be paid? - I’m not asking for it but that’s optional though if you really want to pay for something after I made it and you like it enough to pay a reasonable amount for it. I won’t ask you to do this unless you want me to do something on a large scale involving programming and graphic art, I won’t do it for a model.

What I’d like to do for you - If you have a small project I’m fine making you a blueprint script for something you have or need help with. A few props and I’ll do the texturing, and any artwork you might need. If it’s UMG I can do the art and blueprint scripting for that just fine.

Request I’ll accept - If you need something for your project I do not want to be working on something that’s a large scale request unless you want to maybe pay once I’m finished. If you have a small game or team with a small need for something ask and I’ll help for free but know that I’m not working full time all day to do this request.

Why am I doing this? - It helps with experience and builds a portfolio and being part of the community I like to see people get their games out plus it gives me something to do that people will use and I like knowing it wouldn’t be wasted time.

Blueprint Videos:

This has recently been updated to include “Waves” that increase the speed after every 20 spawns.

Outdated but now has a working sprint meter and fade screen for when you pass out holding your breathe and other sounds.

Graphic Art: (Some Concepts)


This one is something I’m doing right now and still modeling.