Blueprint generated Brush?

I’m a newbee for UE4. Also sorry for my English.

I’m trying to build a bathroom (be able to build any bathroom - in any shape). I want to walk as 1st person inside and see how it would look like with various patterns of tiles. I’m building it step by step, but I would like to choose correct way on the beginning so I won’t stuck with any functionality in the future. And functionality is:

  • There will be door somewhere in the bathroom (I want it to be a hole in the wall - not a fragments of the wall build around the door) and user should be able to cross them (unlike the walls)
  • I want to mix tiles patterns - finally I want user to be able to switch pattern of single chosen tile on user click

So far I have learned:

I would like to choose correct objects, so I won’t have problems on next stages. However so far:

  • I can’t use Mesh, as I can’t make a holes there,
  • Couldn’t find way to create Blueprint generated Brush,
  • Making tiles with textures or material looks bad idea, as user won’t be able to interract with single given tile in the pattern,
  • When right-clicking on texture or material, item “Asset Locations” → “Create Blueprint Using This…” is greyd out and I can’t click it.

My understanding is, collisions are not a problem, as eventually I can add it in the future (however would be great to have it on the beginning out-of-the-box).