Blueprint Generalist for a marketplace content pack

With a couple of artists, we are currently working on a content pack for the Unreal Engine marketplace and we are looking for a new friend and collaborator experienced in blueprints. The task will be simple - prepare a level demonstrating the content for each part of the pack. As we want to adjust the content to effortless use, you will be the one setting technical requirements to the artist (e.g. how should animations and meshes be composed and split for use within UE) - a bit of communication skills is necessary.

No networking and level design will be required from you.

We can agree on per task payment or royalty from the sales, depending on your preference.

The tasks are rather small and many.

If you are interested, please tell me why you think you can and want to apply to such a role along with your questions to

Thank you. Have a merry Christmas!