Blueprint Function Library Child Classes

Hi, I’ve noticed when creating a child of a blueprint function library, the graph is a default blueprint graph not just functions, they seem to work just like a Uobject, I can construct and run events in them just like any other object.

Is this intended as a way to create objects that derive from a Bp function library?
Will this also work in a cooked build?
What kind of performance difference is there between constructing a bp function library take over a Object Bp?.

Thanks in advance.

Bumping this, no documentation on blueprint function library child classes.

For anyone that’s interested.

  • Create a blueprint function library.

  • Right click it & Create New Child Class

  • Open Child Function Library

  • Create a custom event in the event graph

  • Construct the function library child object in another bp

  • Run the custom event you created earlier.

Is this a valid way to create low level object classes that can make native use a function library?
Seems as the base Uobject can’t access them for obvious reasons.

If it is valid and expected then what’s the empty construction cost/size of a function library in comparison to Uobject ?

Many Thanks.

Okay so, child blueprint libraries can only override functions from parents they cant just call them. so this is not the intended use.

So who put the goddam normal graph editor inside of BP library children huh ?
I hope they sacked you for that bro.