Blueprint Function Inputs Automatic Local Variables

I would like to propose that Blueprint function inputs are automatically treated as local variables. That way you can place a Get node to access the input variable anywhere in the function, without having to explicitly drag a wire all the way from the function input node or manually create a local variable.

Sometimes functions can have many inputs and having to create local variables for each of them and then set them all is a pain. Especially when you are doing it for almost every function.

I’ve already suggested that almost 3 years ago, there’s probably still a thread about that somewhere.

You can already do this.
Right Click -> Variables-> Get Input Variable

However, I would also suggest to have it listed similar to the local variables

??? Guys…this is already a feature :slight_smile:

Yeah, but it would be nice to have them listed under the components just like the local variables, too.

And it would be nice to implement it properly… Currently it’s some kind of hack.
References to such local variable isn’t updated while renaming variable.

What’s we have now looks like quick & dirty implementation. Probably needs to be reworked…


…and this. Or at least just this as a minimum.

Aye, there are a few problems with this. Also, this doesn’t work inside interface function overrides at all.

But the current system is FAR BETTER than before when we had no ability to do this.

That’s debatable. :stuck_out_tongue: If you make your own local variables (setting the inputs to those) you can rename them and have them in the variable list.

If you don’t need that sure, it’s nice being to just drop them in without adding/setting a bunch of stuff, but if they stop working when you rename the input variables it’s not great. It’s not good for organizing things either.

I don’t think either of these are great on their own, they should be combined in a way that keeps all of the advantages but none of the disadvantages.