Blueprint function documentation gives incorrect info on private/protected

The documentation says this about private and protected functions in Blueprints: [TABLE]

A setting of Protected means that the Function can only be called by the current Blueprint, as well as any Blueprints that derive from the current Blueprint.

A setting of Private means that the Function can only be called from within the current Blueprint.

It appears this hasn’t been true for at least four years and maybe has never been true. We wasted a lot of time when we discovered this wasn’t working as described and started looking for problems with our source build.

Frankly, the correct solution would be to remove all descriptions of public/protected/private functions and say the feature is not implemented. Can a note at least be added saying that is functionality is not implemented?

Thanks for reporting this issue! I will pass this along to the appropriate contact here at Epic Games.

Still no change.

Thanks for the ping! The request is captured in an internal bug, and has an owner. I believe the owner has repro’d the issue, and is looking at next steps. Progress may be delayed, as we’re doing some content migration at the moment.

Hi, DsyD. I talked to the team that handles this part of the code, and the code is intended to function as described, but you’re right that it currently doesn’t. Hopefully, there will be a fix for this in UE4 code soon.

Oh, neat. That would be even better than changing the documentation!:slight_smile:

Just for reference, here is @project.gheist’s pull request aiming to solve this problem:

Thanks for the additional information! I’ve added your comments/reference to the internal bug tracking this issue.