Blueprint FPS weapon system?

I’ve been trying to implement a basic flexible weapon system in blueprints - i am slowly getting there via trial and error but i can’t help but notice that there’s a severe lack of tutorials on this matter.
What i’m trying to achieve is counter-strike’ish weapon inventory system, where player has primary and secondary weapon that have their own slots and can be dropped to pick up a different gun + knife and grenade slots that are static (well obviously grenades can be used).

Perhaps a greater mind can lend me a hand here? I can’t really figure best way to design that system in blueprint from ground up, from pickups through weapon actors to pawn inventory.
Or perhaps there’s a blueprint tutorial that i’ve missed?

Basically, yes - i need someone to handhold me through the process or at least explain in great detail how to build such system.
Thanks in advance.

Bump in dire need of help.

if it is “just” a Counter Strike system you want, you can do something like this:

Create a “WeaponBase” blueprint for each type of weapon you want. Primary, secondary, grenade etc.

Then rightclick this “WeaponBase” and create a new Blueprint based on the weaponbase. one for sniper, one for assault etc.

Then you character blueprint should have a primary weapon variable of the type “weaponbase”… and one for your secondary.
Remember, this variables should be of the Base class, not the of the “sniper” class or whatever you have made of specific weapons.

Try it out