Blueprint for switching a lamp with his light

Help please ;).

I’m trying to set up a blueprint for switching a mesh (in this case Lamps!).
The mesh switching works.

But now I want to attached some light to it.
So when I wheel up or down the first mesh will be replaced for the second mesh and so on, when they do (because they are lamps) I want them to switch spotlights as well…
And if thats not all, it also would be nice to turn the light on and off for the active mesh.

I would be very grateful if you some one give me some advice.

Here is how I would do it (and did for fun)

  1. Add sockets to you lamps. (mine are cubes). And position them

  1. Attach your spotlight in your blueprint to the socket in the constructor. Snapping to location rotation and scale


  1. Detach and reattach to the new socket when you switch out the mesh

As long as the sockets all have the same name, you are golden.

Wow!! Thanks for the help!!!
Getting there I think.

The mesh and light are switching.
1st Lamp / 1st Light

Second Lamp and light (Softer light, so this is going good!!)


Switching back to the first one it is stuck on the last light (the softer light).
It must go back to the first light as on the first picture.

I wouldn’t swap out the light at all just adjust it’s settings before detaching and reattaching it.

Thanks again!!! It’s working fine now.

But let me explain it further ;), this is a tryout for a demo.
Every lamp has is own unique “IES” format. And the “client” does not have to adjust this settings.