Blueprint for Post Process GI and shutters closing

I’ve recently been working on a project to visualize a bedroom and a bathroom but i somehow have to integrate lowering GI in post production in the bedroom when the window shutters close basically. I’m trying to make this as realistic as possible and I ran into a lot of issues as I’m not that good with blueprints.

I thought about having 2 post production volumes for each room

So the blueprints i’d be willing to make is:

Blueprint nr 1 for the window shutters:
-shutters closing and GI lowered to 0 in the bedroom
-shutters opening and Gi coming back to 1 rather fast but not instantly.

Blueprint 2 for the bathroom door:
-opening bathroom door and increasing GI by a bit in the bedroom post production volume if the shutters are closed since there is light coming in from the bathroom.

I’ve heard a few people say it’s really easy to make but I’ve been trying for a month now and I can’t get it to work. I’d appreciate any help with it.

You can’t animate GI, when you use a stationary light you can animate its intensity and color, but that only affects direct lighting, the indirect lighting (GI) is baked and will not change when you animate the light.
You can try placing a number of dynamic/movable lights to fake the appearance of GI and then animate those (just make sure to disable shadows on most of them)
Alternately, you can try setting up Nvidia VXGI which is a dynamic GI system, but requires downloading the Nvidia branch from the UE4 source code and compiling the editor from there with Visual Studio.

Hey darth, I’ve been able to reduce the global illumination intensity from post production, the part that is not baked but i don’t know how to make a blueprint for it, it’s the part i’m struggling with:P.

Here I have detailed what i’ve done inside my scene. Now, the shutters, in our case, that box in the left side has not been moved but I want to make a blueprint that will activate the shutters closing and reducing the exterior lighting from 1 to 0 in 2 seconds or so like in the pic with only one light active (0-in-indirect-lighting.jpg). That is my main issue, I hope the pic helps better understand what i’m trying to do.

This is how you would do it in Blueprint.

Create an empty actor blueprint. Create a variable inside that is of type PostProcessSettings, make it public. Place this actor in the world, and eyedropper to your level’s post process volume, or at least the specific one you want to control

Create a custom event called “CloseShutters” and one called “OpenShutters”

Create a timeline from the close shutter event that on update, lerps between 2 and 0, or whatever GI settings you want, and have the open shutter event do the opposite (Reverse timeline). Then you just need to tie whatever input you want to that event.

Hope this is clear, I can maybe make a better explanation tonight

Hey VaSSiLi, thx for writing your solution, I do understand the basic concept but i’m afraid i don’t understand most of the steps, is there any chance for a screenie of some sort? Might be easier I think, I’m not fluent in blueprints and i can’t rly seems to find a way to get them all together. I think i will manage the timeline though and will proly import my animation there.