Blueprint for multiple doors

I am trying to make doors and I got the movement and interaction down but if I make more They will move to the original location when simulating. So how can I make it know the difference?

![Screenshot 2024-05-14 200841|690x394]

Can you show the code?

You’re over thinking it.

This is all you need, because it’s relative

( you don’t that vector math )

When I have tried to just use the Relative Location it just flies off into the void never to return and still has the problem of all spawning in the same spot.

Is that second piece of code on tick?

The move component node, does it all for you, no need for tick.

To be clear, you only put the Z difference in, don’t copy the X and Y into the other slots.

Here is the rest of the code. When I set the Relative Location to X 0 Y 0 Z -270 It flies away still.

Do you mean like this?


Yeah that’s what I am going for but when I place more than 1 they will spawn in the same spot when in The simulation.

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Have you literally just tried copying my code?