Blueprint For Ingame Charater designing Like sims?

i want to create a blue print for in game character designing Like sims How do i go about it?

Yeesh, that’s a pretty involved endeavour.

It involves making a base character (or a few of different builds like child, teen, adult) and then making blendshapes in your 3D program to create different facial and body constructions. You’d then have UE4 blend between these blendshapes based on UMG sliders.

For clothing, the best thing to do is extrude clothing from the base model keeping the same skeleton and blendshapes, then delete the ones you don’t need (like a shirt wouldn’t need facial bones or blendshapes). This ensures that if you have a fat character, his or her clothes would reflect that.

Create different hairstyles and export them as separate meshes as well.

When you import everything, make sure all of the clothing uses the same skeleton as the base mesh.

In UE4, you’ll have your base skeletal mesh in the blueprint. Then add more skeletal and static mesh components for pieces of clothing (top, bottoms, underwear, shoes, glasses, etc). In the game, you would toggle visibility for these other skeletal and static meshes to take them off or put them on and simply switch out the mesh the component references when “changing” clothes. Also when changing, you should ensure that all of the blendshapes applied to your base mesh also get applied to the clothing piece.