Blueprint Flash Cards or alternative learning strategies?

Hi All,
I’d like to invest time in learning Blueprints, given their power and flexibility.

My friends who are proficient in Unreal all ‘learn by doing’ which involves tutorials, Googling, documentation etc.

I’m curious, has anyone considered either physical or digital Flash Cards for the individual nodes in Blueprint?

This list looks handy: but isin’t exactly what I’m thinking of.

I imagine something like a pack of playing cards, with a node on one side, and its description on the back.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or would like to collaborate with me on putting something together, let me know.

Sounds like a cool idea but a lot of people have gone down the path of trying to learn definitions/theory but you really can’t learn this kind of stuff without just doing it and repeating it by yourself before it becomes second nature. The issue is that the definitions of nodes and functions are part and partial to C++ itself and people who don’t have a coding background won’t understand it no matter how dumbed down it is unless they see the effect of it in their own creation first hand. Just my thoughts and opinions, if you feel like investing your time in this and think it could be useful, then by all means pursue it. Hope I helped

Hey thanks for the reply.
You’ve already helped me, in that I didn’t realize how connected BP and C++ were. I will definitely look into some C++ learning references also .

To clarify, for anyone else reading, I’m not looking to replace ‘learning by doing’ but to complement it

I could imagine that getting familiar with individual nodes in isolation could help learning them, as there is less stuff competing for attention (Ie goal, YouTube audio etc).

I’m no educational psychologist.
Curious if anyone else has alternative learning strategies though .


Honestly, creating BP Flash cards would be about as useful as listening to more GDPR Mark-Zuckerberg testimony…

That said… BP consists of commonly used patterns of nodes repeated over and over again. Want to move a mesh forward, how do you do that? … Want a Freelook camera in a car/ship cockpit, how do you do that? …Want to create a homing-projectile or gunfire along with an explosion … How do you make that etc etc…

Examples of these are everywhere and nowhere when you actually need them sometimes, like in a centralized location / learning-area… Creating frequently used BP-Circuits on Flash-Cards doesn’t may make a whole lot of sense though… However, If you add them here along with comments, then that’s far more practical…

No. It’s not your java or python. You need to practice.

Thanks for the feedback everybody – really appreciate it.

Someone who has started out brand new a couple months ago, and someone who is very much a visual learner… I have found running through tutorials on youtube to accomplish the same goal… example: Enemy Patrol AI. There are at least 4 different ways to approach this. Each one has different variations but still have the core concept of accomplishing the same goal… this has helped me to start thinking analytically about how to use these different approaches in different ways and after a few tutorials trying to do it myself with little to no help from the tutorial(s) to accomplish what I want.

Everyone learns in their own way and at their own speed… just go at your own pace and what works for you!