"blueprint first person" - template with stairs

hi :slight_smile:

i´m using the “blueprint first person”- template for my level design and now i have to build some stairs,
on which my character should move up and down on it.

here are my questions:

  • is there an special measurement to build these stairs?
  • should i use an blueprint to let my character walk upstairs or can he do it with the integrated character blueprints?
  • last of all: is there an tutorial avaiable for all this?

thank you very much for an answer :slight_smile:


  1. the steps shouldnt be too high (otherwise you can change the step height of your character to a higher value -> in the properties of your character bp)
  2. it should work with the basic character bp :slight_smile:

hi fighter5347,

once again:
thank you very much for your fast reply!!

i love this community :slight_smile: