"Blueprint First Person" Project - Disconnected Nodes still functioning

So going around breaking things is a valid learning method right? :wink:

I was poking around with the “Blueprint FPS” project. Inside of the “My Character” blueprint I disconnected all of the nodes from each other.

I was expecting to spawn and be unable to move or look around, instead it appears to have no effect. (However: Disconnecting Jump does disable jumping)

In the Game Info drop-down it is referencing “…Game/Blueprints/MyCharacter.MyCharacter_C’”
Is MyCharacter_C something that’s generated from MyCharacter at runtime?

I think historically the playercontroller class handled things like this - but I can’t find anything movement/look related to break in that blueprint.

Was looking at the “input axis” nodes so I thought that this might be gamepad specific - Same effect.

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your report. There is a known issue with the default code of the Character class has a move/look boolean set to true. It is called “bAddDefaultMovementBindingsForBlueprint” and if set to false, it should cease character movement. This problem has been rectified since Beta 4 and will no longer be occurring in a future release. If there is anything else that is not functioning as expected, please let us know.

Thank you,