Blueprint Favorites

Hey guys! Engine programmer has put together a neat post for you guys on Blueprint Favorites. Read below to find out how you can use Blueprint Favorites to make your workflow even more stream-lined!
Until recently, the Blueprint palette could be a little overwhelming. Since blueprints are extremely powerful, their node library is extensive and sometimes hard to sort through.

Having to search through the node library constantly can add up, and we sought to give users a boost in iteration times. Inspired by internet browser bookmarks, we thought it was a good idea to give users the ability to customize what they have access to. Thus, the Favorites panel was born!

With Blueprint Favorites, users can pin their most-used nodes for easy access. If you’re tired of typing “Event Ti…” every time you need an “Event Tick” node, then the Favorites panel is the solution for you!

This video](- YouTube) below shows off the feature, and details exactly how to add/remove a favorite.

We’d love to hear what you think about this feature, so please sound off below!

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It’s a great feature.
All great programs should have such small aids like that to users.
About using it, I look forward to it when I will get the hang of blueprints (absolute beginner here!)
I would also like more tutorials about creating different stuff in blueprints - like all aspects of a game.

Anyway, great job guys!

I don’t use this feature yet, but can imagine a great usefullness for larger projects. Good stuff.

I see if you right cllick there is a load profile list. Can import/export profiles be added? Seems like this feature was forgotten.

Also if you could create folders for grouping nodes in the favorite menu. And have the option in the editor preferences for “context menu: show favorites section” as a checkbox on the favorites panel since some people might not be aware of that.

Hello, my first time on these forums!! :smiley:

blueprints are great! as far as i can see, it’s the next generation of programming, visual scripting allows you to see your flow of logic while you create, instead of writing code by hand and trying for hours to figure out what went wrong, blueprints allow you to easily find the problem and get rid of it. being able to see your logic is really cool and definitely an upgrade over written code. i have nothing against writing code, but to be honest i think in terms of designing games or any application that doesn’t require simple logic then having the ability to see problems as they arise is undeniably an awesome feature, so well done, good job!

I don’t think so. Blueprints are nice for small algorithms but for writing very complex stuff they are a real nightmare. What can be done in most programming languages with a few lines of codes requires a really messed up visual spaghetti mess of blueprints that become too hard to read, maintain and modify. Epic Games should provide the ability to write Blueprint with script code too… if they don’t want to officially add a new scripting language then at least they should expose all Blueprint functionalities and APIs to Python that is going to be the new official scripting language for UE4 now. At least the hard stuff could be coded with Python and still automatically appear as Blueprint code.

Are you guys seriously resurrecting a 4 year old thread originally being bumped by bots spamming phishing sites?

Valid topic where people have differing opinions…