Blueprint falls through the floor

Hi all,

I’m a newbie in UE4, and have an issue to which I didn’t found a solution on the internet.

My goal is to create a blueprint with a mesh that remains still in the air, until the player shoots it, at which points it becomes physic-enabled and falls on the ground. The player should be able to walk through it until (s)he shoots on it (its colour change when this overlap happens)

So far, I’ve been able to create the blueprint with the static mesh, and to activate the physics when the player shoots it. The issue is that the mesh falls through the floor. Best guess is that it is a collision error. As the player should be able to walk through it until shot, the default collision is “overlap all”.

Hence I’ve tried to do this trough blueprint, as attached, but the mesh still falls through the floor. The floor itself has collision “blockall”. I’ve tried to setup a collision box as parent for the blueprint, it didn’t fix the issue.

Could someone please help…?

I’ve found my own answer so I might as well post it here, it might be useful for someone x)

  1. Deleted the root hitbox, set the mesh as root
  2. User the “set collision response” and “set collision enabled” together, works fine now.

Good luck for your projects everybody =D