[Blueprint] FallDamagePlus a blueprint component that handles fall damage

So I was working and looking around for some fall damage tutorials and decided i should just build a component I can drop into any of my characters and fall damage would be setup and ready to go without having to change to much.

In this project i was gonna submit to market place but tbh I want to give it away for free as it is really simple and takes away a lot of the work you would need to do for fall damage.

there are a few option that the component offers
ability to shake camera on damage impacts so when you hit ground and take damage your camera will shake.
ability to take damage from falls of any kind for example walking of a cliff jumping from to high a place etc etc.
you can also take fall damage through water volumes, so water will not save you from taking damage and to be honest I could not find many tutorials on how to get that to work.

Pretty much everything is settable within the component details.

there is a camera shake option panel you can set all the options the camera shake node needs and comes with a simple camera shake class already
you can set a minimum speed at which you are falling to receive damage
you can set maximum speed before it kills you instantly
you can set whether or not to use character max health variable to cause damage for death or you can set your own useful if you add to character that has different variable structure
you can also toggle fall damage on or off
There is a basic health widget so you can see health going down after fall
All code is heavily commented so you can learn from it.
there is also a tutorial blueprint that explains and shows what is used and why it works, I could probably make it a lot better but its better then nothing.

If you can think of some cool ideas to add to this let me know and I will try to add more and any feedback would be great as this is my first project and I’'m still learning myself.

Download link

The only thing I ask is you do not try to sell this component, you do not need to give credit for using it either I’m mainly here for the feedback

Hi mate, just wondering if running off the tick would create much overhead? if it does a simple fix would be to run it off the animation blueprint, just a couple of very small alterations, this would restrict damage to falling in air, so maybe ignore, sliding down a slope too fast and getting wrecked would be a fun effect of your original idea :slight_smile:


oooh, think that do-once doesn’t need to be there, just the delay, was overthinking it.

hey Rob Moore that’s really nice idea, I was unsure if event tick would be to much, it was just what was working for me, I really like the idea of sliding down a ramp and getting wrecked from it, that would be super cool, Ill give that a go casting from the anim blueprint instead and see how that works out for me, cheers for that feedback , I really appreciate it. :wink:

If any one else has feedback or opinions please share them.

Thanks for this, it is really nice to see you share this. Did you try running it from the anim BP, and if so it would be great to see the setup, thanks.

I have tried to run from anim blueprint but i have a few issues in there i have to sort out first soon as i do it i will update you all, thanks for the feedback

Thanks, bud!

Update for this