Blueprint execution nodes


I have a really noob-level problem here…:confused:
A while ago, I started playing around with some Blueprints.
When I create them, everything works as I would expect.
I build a node network in the construction script and if I modify the actor in any way, the script execution starts pumping, I can see tha “activity” in the graph.
However, when I try to observe already-done blueprints, I dont see anything happen on the execution wires…
I tried to fololow the basic UMG tutorial. But the same happens when I open the BlackJack game and want to see whats happening there on the BP side.

I just cant figure out what Im doing wrong. I made a short video, so you can see what I click and what I select.

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

PS: In the video, I also tap the F key, but that also does not show…


Sometimes you need to tell it what object to show activity for, up at the top where it says "No Debug Object Selected’ drop that list down and pick the character you want to show after the game starts.