Blueprint example project broken due to the VR plugins


I’ve recently downloaded Blueprints example project to try to learn from it, however I am facing one issue I can not resolve.

I’ve made a mistake of buying Oculus Rift headset which seems to cause only problems in UE4, as all the VR plugins are enabled by default, causing Oculus related software and hardware to start all the time.

In Blueprint example project, in my usual manner, I’ve went ahead and disabled both Oculus VR and Steam VR plugins, and then tried to package the project. Once I launched packaged executable, I was immediately met with following error:

After some googling I’ve found out these are caused by having non-default plugin enabled state, so I went back to re-enable Oculus VR and Steam VR plugins. But now, whenever I package game and run it, the game launches Oculus Home and the sound is coming out of the VR Headphones. All that despite Blueprint Example project is not VR project and does not even have anything to do with VR.

How do I fix this?