Blueprint events not visually firing

In my project the connecting lines which are inbetween nodes do not display their animation when fired. In this Character Blueprint all the lines just keep their plain old grey color even though they are definately firing and are working properly. When I create a simple Actor Blueprint the BeginPlay event fires and I can see its execution line glowing red.

TL;DR: How can I turn the glowing animation on the connecting lines in my Character Blueprint Event Graph on?

Edit: When I hit the Play button the animations indicating that an event is firing are not showing up.

Edit 2: I just made another test. The source of the problem is setting the Blueprint as the default pawn class. When I place the Blueprint in the level, the blueprint animations are firing just as I would expect them when they are the default pawn class.

Edit 4: Horrible Mistake: It seems like my “Edit 3 Test” is incorrect. Please ignore Edit 3.
Edit 3: Another test: The PlayerStart actor causes the problems. When I place a PlayerStart actor into the world, the Pawn starts from there but the blueprint animations are not firing. If I play without a PlayerStart Blueprint events are firing but I start from the viewport’s position.

I think clicking the simulation button will do this? Im really not too sure though; i know for animation blueprints that if you click the animation tab in the top right then click the graph tab it will cause it to start visually displaying the logic flow.

The problem is exactly that it does not show up when I hit the Play- or Simulate-Button. Sorry, I should have included that in my describtion. But I really appreciate your help. Thank you. This problem is really infuriating as it makes debugging extremely hard.

Yeah ive no idea then man; the same thing happens to me so i dont think its a bug; if you just need to see whats happening when a node is fired you can right click and add a breakpoint to it; then you can look through all the variables and check what their values were at the breakpoint. Im not sure if that helps but i cant find anything else.

I made some further tests and edited my post with the results. Do my findings match your experience with the blueprint events firing animation?

The way I solved it after rewatching the 3rd Person Game with Blueprints - 14 - Game Mode and Testing video is that I deleted the Player Start and instead placed my Character Blueprint in the level which I set to auto posses Player 0.

Ah of course; yeah that makes complete sense.