Blueprint Event Graph Templates

I’m making a C++ / Blueprint game right now where i’m doing all of the back-end, tedious coding in C++ and making blueprint a cleaner, safer way to subclass my C++ classes. One thing i’ve been wishing i was able to do was set up a default “Template” event graph that has some common setups already in place for when we create a new blueprint of that class.

For Instance:

Blueprint Template.JPG

I’m going to mostly be setting up any Ability blueprint like the above image. so it would be cool if we could right click on the C++ class and choose an option called “Edit Blueprint Template” which allowed me to drop in common nodes that are to be used with this particular class.

Lots of Blueprints already come with the Tick and Begin Play events already placed in the Event Class - it would be sweet if we just had a way to customize that per Class.

What do you guys think?

Im working on ability system as well, as far i understand you want a “connector” between parent and child, i would call a function at parent and overwritten version of it call a event at child, i think it should work

Hey GBX-RyanSmith,

Thanks for making the request. I have logged this as UE-19351 to be taken into further consideration by our developers.
Let us know if you have any further questions, have a wonderful day!